Glendale, AZ – The Law Offices of Gary L Rohlwing is currently in the process of running a campaign informing the residents of Glendale that the new distracted driving and hands-free law is now in effect. The Glendale ordinance prohibits talking on a cell phone, sending a text message, or otherwise using a handheld communications device while driving in the city, unless the device is in hands-free mode.

Although there will be a six month period of education, with warnings being issued, before strict enforcement begins, criminal defense lawyer Gary Rohlwing wants to ensure that as many people are aware of the law change as possible. Although breaking this new law is not a criminal offense, and the potential punishments are relatively minor, the consequences of an at-fault accident while texting and driving could be much more severe.

“However tempting it might be to answer that phone call, or respond to that urgent text message, it could potentially alter your life, or someone else’s,” said Gary Rohlwing. “We want everyone to be aware of this new law, and not to dismiss it as inconsequential, because if you are involved in an accident as a result of using your cell phone when driving, then this is not the law that will be used to prosecute you. Our advice would be to invest in a hands-free kit, which would then keep you on the right side of the law, but if a situation does arise where you are involved in an accident, contact the Gary L Rohlwing company as a priority, before saying anything to the police.”

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