London UK – Gatekeeper, a leading provider of project management solutions, are pleased today to publish a case study demonstrating the benefits that their gatekeeper software brings to the table.

For the contract management case study, they selected Integrated Project Management (IPM) an Illinois based project management company, which was established in 1988 as a professional services and business consulting firm with a sole focus—professional project management leadership. For over 30 years, IPM has improved customer PM capabilities by successfully managing over 4,000 projects, spanning multiple industries and objectives, for more than 400 clients.

IPM’s small in-house legal team holds responsibility for managing the business’s contracts through their lifecycle. With customer numbers increasing rapidly, the team was finding it challenging to manage the ongoing obligations and renewals. Following an unsuccessful attempt to implement a Sharepoint-based solution, they came to market in early 2018 looking for a more capable, specialist system. Gatekeeper was selected, above two other competing solutions, to bring order to IPM’s contract universe. Gatekeeper specializes in many different aspects of project management, but one of their fundamental strengths is adapting their systems and processes as a partner business grows and develops.

Since going live with Gatekeeper, IPM’s team have enjoyed responsive and dedicated support from the Gatekeeper Team and have been able to enjoy hugely significant time-savings. Both companies have reaped the rewards of working together and new processes and practices have evolved as a consequence.

Gatekeeper delivers a clean and easy to use interface, reducing the learning curve for new clients when they start to use the software. Their pricing structure is highly competitive and benefits from unlimited users on all platforms.

“We have enjoyed a highly successful partnership with IPM, which has been mutually beneficial to both companies,” said Ian Bryce of Gatekeeper. “Many businesses underestimate the challenges that come with rapid growth and expansion, but these are the sort of issues the team at Gatekeeper deal with on a daily basis. We have the systems and knowledge in place to assist all of our clients, and we make it simple to transition new clients to our systems and processes. Our advice to any client in the market for a contract management system is to speak to our sales team, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. It could save them a lot of time, effort and money in the long run.”

Gatekeeper is a software solutions company that specializes in contract management software. They offer enterprise-ready solutions, with no training required, with transparent and fair pricing. For more information about the company and the various services that they provide, visit their website at

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