Vancouver, an online company that specializes in finding the best credit solution for their customers, is delighted to announce that they have recently launched their popular online loans service to the people of Vancouver.

For many people time is precious, and finding the time to visit a bank or other financial institution for a loan is both time-consuming and for some people very daunting. This can actually trap people into a bad financial situation, as they are in desperate need of a loan, but are too scared to apply in person. There can be many reasons for this fear, be it a bad credit history, the fear of rejection, or a lack of confidence.

With, all of these barriers are removed, the application process consists of answering a number of straightforward questions, which will then help Friendly Lender to decide on the most appropriate product in the circumstances. In most cases applicants get a fast response to their inquiry, allowing them to make important decisions, and move forward with their lives.

“Perhaps the biggest benefit we provide to our customers, according to our feedback is the fact that they can apply online in the privacy of their own home,” said Earl.B Cody, of Friendly Lender.Ca. “Although we would be foolish to make any bold predictions, we are quietly confident that we will quickly become one of the most popular destinations online for loans Vancouver. Our entire process is designed to be straightforward, streamlined and easy to follow.”

Friendly Lender exists to help their clients obtain fast cash in a secure and reliable manner. Their online cash advance service facilitates their customer’s attainment of a short-term loan. Friendly Lender prides itself on being a safe and dependable option for quick cash advances. The entire process of obtaining a loan is completed online from the comfort and privacy of the customer’s own home.  Friendly Lender want their customers to know that they will benefit from a fast, simple and friendly service of the highest quality. Everyone with Canadian citizenship above the age of 18 is eligible to apply. For more information about the company and the various services that they provide, visit their website at

Company Name: Friendly Lender
Contact Person: Earl B. Cody
Phone: (604) 670-1889
Address: 1500 W Georgia St #3712
City: Vancouver
State: BC V6G 2Z6
Country: Canada