Singapore – When it comes to handling home maintenance and repair works, most Singapore residents turn to a professional company to handle home maintenance and repair works. Instead of having to spend time to search for separate companies for different tasks to be done, turn to Everyworks where you can find all core home services you need in Singapore. 

Under the Everyworks umbrella brand, you can procure handyman services from established and reputable brands: Aircon servicing services from DW Aircon Singapore, plumbing services from Mr Plumber Singapore, electrical services from Daylight Electrician Singapore, and miscellaneous handyman services from A1 Handyman Singapore, from a single point of contact. Over the years, the Everyworks umbrella of brands has served over 20,000 unique residential and commercial clients, and in the process, has accumulated thousands of positive reviews.

Regardless of whether you are a homeowner, commercial tenant, property management company, landlord, or property agent, Everyworks is the solution for your home service and repair requirements. Spend less time searching for different service providers to serve multiple purposes as Everyworks is the ultimate handyman service for everyone to fulfill a solid range of home service needs.

A few things that customers using Everyworks will enjoy is the excellent customer support and transparency and honesty of the process. In an industry where its customers carry slight skepticism of its service providers, Everyworks is open and transparent with their service rates and methods which Michael Lee, Chief Executive Officer of Everyworks comments, “We believe an informed customer is a happy customer.”

On why Everyworks was founded, Mr Lee said, “Transparency and trustworthiness are two important principles the company was founded on. It is needed for customers to gain confidence and peace of mind that the professionals they hired will do what they claim”.

Customers who need multiple services done in one go had to seek help from different professional companies, costing them time to research and struggling to balance different schedules from different service providers.

Everyworks is aimed at individuals and companies looking to book appointments for multiple home services on one platform at reasonable prices, with guaranteed quality of work and excellent customer support. Workmanship is prided on providing outstanding service with a professional team of plumbers, electricians, aircon servicing technicians, and handyman, that have collected great reviews in Singapore for excellent quality and satisfaction guaranteed. For more information about the company and the services they provide, visit their website at




Company Name:Everyworks Singapore
Contact Person:Mr Oh
Phone:+65 6909 0990
Address:1090 Lower Delta Road #03-07
State:Singapore 169201