Bentonville, AR – Elite Results Marketing, a market-leading digital marketing company based in Bentonville, Arkansas, is delighted to announce the launch of its latest revolutionary product CyroHero. Elite Results Marketing has a long track record of delivering results for clients in virtually every niche but has increasingly specialized in the Chiropractic industry. This has enabled them to grasp an unrivaled understanding of the challenges and issues facing Chiropractors and then design tailored solutions that are not available on the market. One of the critical differentiators of Elite Results Marketing is that they are not a typical SEO or digital marketing company; they go over and above SEO and Marketing to find solutions.

CyroHero resolves two of the most common problems that Chiropractors face, the booking in of clients 24/7 and the consistent tracking and follow-up of leads as they come in. CyroHero uses cutting-edge AI technology to book clients automatically, 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure no opportunity goes to waste. It works in conjunction with a unified inbox, enabling your receptionists to respond to Facebook messenger, Text Messages, Emails, and calls all within the one system. It removes the human error factor by following up consistently, meaning that leads do not get cold. Research from Elite Results Marketing and their clients who are currently using the system has shown an increase in ROI of 200-800%. Furthermore, installing this revolutionary system involves no downtime, it’s as simple as adding a couple of lines of code on the customer’s website to start managing inbound opportunities more effectively.

“The number one reason why I launched Elite Results Marketing and entered this industry is that I love to help people get the results they need and deserve,” said Kraig Bond, owner, and founder of Elite Results Marketing. “There is no better feeling than experiencing the joy and excitement of one of your customers whose business has been transformed by the marketing efforts my team has delivered. However, this industry never sits still, and you must always push the boundaries. Having worked with many Chiropractors, one of their biggest issues is the booking, scheduling, and follow-up of appointments. Many people decide that they would like to book an appointment in the evening or at the weekend when chiropractic offices are closed and no one is around to help them confirm it. This then relies on outdated booking systems or waiting for the client to call back the next working day which could be to late. With CyroHero, this problem is eliminated instantly and cost-effectively. The technology works incredibly booking the patient an appointment from the available times from your calendar conversationally. The system then follows up with any client who doesn’t book to ensure that they eventually become a patient. CyroHero doesn’t take time off, it never goes sick, and it works 24/7 for your business. We believe it will revolutionize the industry, and we are proud to say that Elite Results Marketing devised and developed it.”

Elite Results Marketing is a leading SEO & Web Design firm based in Bentonville, AR. The company specializes in helping businesses increase their online visibility and generate more leads and more importantly sales through comprehensive digital marketing solutions. They are a customer success-driven company that is passionate about helping businesses grow. Their goal is to provide businesses with high-quality marketing tools and resources that will help them promote their business and reach their target audience. For more information about Elite Results Marketing, and the services they offer,, visit their website at

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