Grand Rapids MI – redbox+ Dumpster Rental Grand Rapids are proud to announce their team’s efforts in keeping the construction industry moving throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The construction industry is a critical component of the local economy. When the COVID pandemic started to gather pace, there was a real concern about the sustainability of many different businesses in the area.  

The management team of Redbox+ Dumpster Rental Grand Rapids, which is one of the largest providers of construction dumpster rental in Grand Rapids, MI, realized very quickly the severity and potential problems that COVID-19 was likely to cause. They immediately conducted significant research with the intention of devising a bespoke training package for their team. The training was mandatory for every employee of the company from the CEO down. It covered a wide range of topics, including social distancing, the wearing of PPE equipment, and how to clean the vehicles properly between each hire. This was critical due to the fact that redbox+ are one of the largest providers of Dumpster Rental in Grand Rapids MI.


Many people use the company for roll off dumpster rental in Grand Rapids, MI, and it was critical that their customers were confident in the safety of hiring their vehicles. With the implementation of the training package and an investment in PPE and commercial grade cleaning materials, redbox+ Grand Rapids have done everything in their power to keep their staff and customers safe. 

“Customer and staff safety is always our priority, and as soon as we understood the severity of COVID-19, we knew we had to put procedures in place,” said John, a spokesperson for Redbox+. “Although there can never be a 100 percent guarantee with COVID-19, we feel we have done everything possible to prevent the spread of the disease and keep the construction industry moving in Grand Rapids.  

Rebox+ is a locally owned and operated company based in Grand Rapids, MI. The redbox+ team of Grand Rapids is proud to provide a premiere roll-off container solution. With their unique U.S. Patented, one-of-kind toilet roll-off container combo, customers know that they will have everything they need at every project. For more information about the company and what they can do for your business, visit their website at

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