Fargo ND – Designer Homes Of Fargo-Moorhead, providers of bespoke designer properties, are delighted to announce that they are now expanding the marketing of their properties to include residents of Detroit Lakes.

Designer Homes of Fargo-Moorehead has developed a reputation for its exemplary, innovative, and original design, and its reputation continues to grow. As a consequence and after extensive market research, the owners of Designer Homes of Fargo-Moorhead identified Detroit Lakes as an area from which they were receiving a significant number of inquiries from potential customers.

Such was the volume of the demand that a decision was made to expand into that area, with the company confident that there was sufficient interest in their luxury homes to warrant the expansion.

“When it comes to the growth of our business, every decision we make is based upon facts and figures, so that it is sustainable and will eventually be an asset to the company as a whole,” said Robert Leslie of Designer Homes Of Fargo-Moorhead. “We are thrilled to continue our recent expansion, and we look forward to introducing as many residents of Detroit Lakes to our designs as possible.”

Designer Homes of Fargo-Moorhead is a locally owned and operated company based in Fargo, North Dakota. The company combines all the finest elements of custom design with its customer’s personal tastes, wants, and needs to create a custom home that is unique in every way. For more information about the company, and to arrange a viewing of one of the new properties visit the company website at .https://www.designerhomesfm.com/

Company Name:Designer Homes of Fargo-Moorhead
Contact Person: Robert Leslie
Address:4342 15th Ave S Suite 105