Designer Homes of Fargo-Moorhead has announced the latest addition to their growing portfolio. The company is proud to announce a new set of high-end luxury homes in Fargo, North Dakota. These new homes are designed with energy efficiency and sustainability at the forefront by using materials that help reduce carbon emissions and provide comfort for occupants. In addition, each home features an open floor plan with modern conveniences such as stainless steel appliances and granite countertops.

Designer Homes works with their clients to ensure their tastes and needs are reflected in every detail. They’ll start by getting to know their clients and what style of living is essential for them and their family. Together they’ll create a design that reflects the best of their desired lifestyle, enduring aesthetics, harmonious spaces, smart functionality, all designed specifically for them.

At Designer Homes, the owner and architect work closely with clients to understand their likes and dislikes to create a custom dream home. Using every material imaginable, every angle of view is taken into account. So whether their clients are seeking a high-end chateau or a modest bungalow for retirement or family life close by friends and family, their architects have the knowledge and skill to deliver it. In home lighting design and kitchen planning software, there’s never been anything this complete, as they know that combining those radiant points from multiple perspectives creates an attractive ambiance that will delight anyone who walks in.

Fargo luxury homes are not only sought after by the rich and famous but also anyone who wants their dream home to be created around them, from simple single-story houses for families or retirees, all the way up to multi-story mansions with an entire floor dedicated just to oneself. If you think Fargo is a place where nothing ever happens, then it’s time for Designer Homes Fargo to take your breath away with their ultra-luxurious custom plans that have been designed specifically for you

Designer Homes is located at 4342 15th Ave S Suite 105 Fargo, ND, United States. For inquiries, contact Robert Leslie and his team at or call 701-492-5057 or visit their website at


Company Name:Designer Homes
Contact Person:Robert Leslie
Address:4342 15th Ave S Suite 105
State: ND