Queens, New York – June 26, 2023 – Daniella Levi & Associates, a leading law firm dedicated to personal injury cases, is pleased to announce that it has expanded its car accident law services in Flushing, Queens as well as the Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan. Daniella Levi & Associates provides exceptional legal representation to individuals seeking justice and fair compensation after car accidents.

With its established location in the Queens community, Daniella Levi & Associates is accessible to local residents seeking legal help. The firm’s newly expanded car accident legal services team aims to meet the growing demand for expert legal guidance in navigating the complex legal landscape following auto collisions.

With Daniella Levi, a home grown Queens resident, at the helm, the firm brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each case they handle. Dedicated legal professionals at the firm fight for the rights of car accident victims with the aim of securing the maximum compensation possible.

Daniella Levi, Founder and Managing Partner of Daniella Levi & Associates, said that she is pleased to expand her car accident legal services to the Flushing neighborhood in Queens as well as the Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan, “We provide compassionate support and assertive representation to those affected by car accidents, which can have a profound impact on their lives and their families. As a result of our expansion, we are able to better serve all boroughs, offering comprehensive legal solutions tailored to meet the needs of car accident victims.”

Daniella Levi & Associates specializes in a wide range of car accident cases, including but not limited to:

  • Rear-end collisions

  • Trucking collisions

  • Motorcycle collisions

  • Bicycle collisions

  • Head-on collisions

  • Intersection accidents

  • T-bone accidents

  • Hit-and-run incidents

  • Distracted driving accidents

  • Drunk driving accidents

  • Road rage incidents

In addition to their expanded services, Daniella Levi & Associates offers Free Consultations to prospective clients, allowing them to discuss their case with an experienced attorney at no cost. The firm works on a contingency fee basis, so clients only pay if their case wins.

For more information about Daniella Levi & Associates and their car accident legal services in Flushing, Queens, please visit their website or call (718) 380-7440.

About Daniella Levi & Associates:

Daniella Levi & Associates specializes in car accidents and personal injury cases. Leading the firm is Daniella Levi, a Queens resident herself, who is an experienced and highly skilled attorney dedicated to advocating for accident victims and getting them what they deserve. Daniella Levi & Associates provides compassionate and assertive legal representation tailored to meet each client’s unique needs in Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York.

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