Brooklyn-based crowdfunding startup, Charidy, recently launched a new one-of-a-kind app.

The new free mobile app allows its users to donate to both ongoing charities as well as any other nonprofit organization of their choosing with just a few taps of the finger. The application allows the user to subscribe to recurring donations to any favored organization, authorizing you to set a price on how much you want to donate at any given time.

The app also allows for tracking of all the donors monetary gifts, as well as organizing receipts.

Despite helping countless nonprofits to raise more than $200 million in just 2018, Charidy has remained mostly under the radar. The announcement of the new app will now put an international spotlight on Charidy.

The Charidy app is now available on both Apple and Android devices.

About Charidy

Since its inception, Charidy has found a new and fresh way to fundraise. All campaigns are 24 hours, allowing non-profits to quickly meet their goals, while also trying to quadruple their donations with at least 3 donors for each campaign to match every gift.

Since each campaign is time-sensitive and high-stakes, it presents extra incentive to give, which gave the platforma a quick traction especially in the Orthodox Jewish community. Some organizations even fundraised the entirety of their budgets in just under a day using Charidy.

Charidy is equipped with team of 60, along with representatives in various major cities including New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington D.C, Toronto, London, Moscow, Paris, Buenos Aires, Johannesburg, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Rio De Janeiro, Melbourne, and Sydney.  

Company Name:Charidy
Contact Person:Moshe H
Phone:(347) 565-4943
Address: 1002 Dean St
State:NY 11238
Country:United States