Brisbane, AustraliaConstruction Lawyers Brisbane, a rapidly growing legal firm specialising in Construction law, is delighted to announce the launch of two new websites focusing on Renewables and Security of Payments. These are two areas of law that the company has extensive knowledge of and which, in their opinion, will grow exponentially in the next few years. 

The renewable lawyers website is designed to help with a range of projects and issues, including but not limited to – 

  • Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Gas, Hybrid projects, Battery energy storage;
  • Sale and Purchase of energy agreements;
  • Power trading, cross-border supply and wheeling
  • AEMO compliance issues;
  • Project development and financing;
  • Planning, environmental and property issues;
  • Site Acquisition;
  • EOIs, MOUs, In-Principle agreements;
  • Design and Procurement Strategies;
  • Construction and operations support;
  • Intellectual property, including patents;
  • Litigation and disputes, including alternative dispute resolution (ADR), arbitration and mediation
  • Renewables commercial and regulatory issues
  • Taxation issues.

As the name suggests, the security of payments act QLD focuses almost exclusively on a problem affecting contractors everywhere, getting paid for the work they have completed. Under this legislation, any contractor (the Claimant under the SOP Act) has a statutory right in Queensland to receive regular progress payments. A contractor only needs to turn a regular ‘progress claim’ into a ‘payment claim’ for it to be covered by the SOP Act. A payment claim is sent to the person responsible to make the payment ten business days after the end of a calendar month, typically as a request for payment for the construction works completed in the preceding month. From this point onwards, ‘the clock starts ticking’ for the prompt resolution of any dispute in relation to the payment claim; so that under the SOP Act, the person responsible to make the payment (the Respondent) has 15 business days to respond to a ‘payment claim’ with a ‘payment schedule’

The website goes into detail about the entire process, its primary purpose being to educate contractors on their legal rights and the processes involved. 

“At Construction Lawyers Brisbane, prior to becoming lawyers, many of the team worked within the construction industry, and that is where our passion for helping construction firms originates from,” said Albert Merolla of Construction Lawyers Brisbane. “We are always looking at areas of current demand or what we believe will be areas of future growth to help as many business owners as possible. It is no secret that many construction companies struggle to be paid on time, causing extensive cash flow problems. Renewables are also set to become a huge part of the construction industry, and that was why we decided to create two new websites and devote part of our expertise and growth into these specific legal areas. The sites are designed to help people and provide them with the information that will benefit them, but if they decide they need legal advice, then Construction Lawyers Brisbane are available and ready to help them.”

Construction Lawyers Brisbane is a locally owned and operated company specialising in construction law. The company employs tri-qualified engineer-QS-lawyers with 40 years of first-hand project development experience. They have likely dealt on-site with virtually every type of construction legal matter that any construction company is likely to face. Their staff have successfully dealt with many complex issues when employed by giants Leighton (now CPB) Contractors, Fluor, AECOM and SNC Lavalin. For more information about the company and the services they offer, visit its website at

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