— Chase Skylar DeMayo, a US Air Force veteran who survived a near-death experience, is delighted to announce that he has been featured in a new book that has just gone on sale on Amazon and in all good book stores. We Touched Heaven by Claudia Watts Edge is an inspirational collection of true-life stories featuring people who have been involved in near-death experiences.

Chase Skylar DeMayo was 21 years old with a serious chip on his shoulder when disaster struck. A US Air Force Airman, Chase was a determined young man. Having given up everything to fulfil his dream of serving his country, a knee injury was destined to destroy everything he had dreamed of. And yet, everything was to change in the blink of an eyelid.

From being a healthy, physically fit airman, Chase collapsed and was rushed to hospital. He came round only to see the look of shock and horror on the medical team’s faces, and he vividly remembers the heart monitor flatlining. He tells his full story in explicit detail in the book, but rather than feel sorry for himself, Chase decided to use the event as a time for change.

“There are so many veterans who are suffering from mental health issues, and in my opinion, there is not enough being done to highlight the issues or resolve them,” said Chase Skylar DeMayo. “I have made it my life’s mission to do everything I possibly can to highlight these important issues and get our veterans the help and support that they deserve. I am extremely active on my Instagram channel and am always available to help or respond to anyone that needs help or support. If my story inspires even one person or helps them to turn around their life, then I will have achieved my aim.”

Chase Skylar DeMayo is a US Air Force Veteran who Died April 1st, 2008, and was sent back to spread laughter, light, love, and joy with the world. Chase was born in Orlando, Florida, and raised alongside his six adopted siblings by his grandparents. Injured early in Survival Training in the Air Force, Chase became a Public Affairs Journalist where he had the opportunity to share his stories with active-duty military and supporters.

After a Near-Death Experience through cardiac arrest in 2008, Chase kept his Near-Death Experience private in fear of judgement and retribution for twelve years. Since being medically retired from the Air Force in 2008, Chase has worked in television, radio, sports entertainment, comedy writing, and performing at theme parks and national events.

In October 2020, Chase attended a Veteran’s Mental Health Retreat, which reopened his Near-Death Experiences and created a newfound passion to helping fellow veterans and their supporters. To keep in touch with Chase and hear more about his experiences and journey, visit ChaseSkylar.com

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