Glendale Calif. – GPULab, a modern data-science platform providing standards-based, turnkey, GPU-enabled research and development environments, is pleased to announce its revolutionary unlimited GPU rental platform. The new endeavor is targeted at data research scientists who utilize excessive GPU processing for research project purposes.

GPU rentals, typically billed by the minute or hour, are notoriously expensive, likely halting or slowing down deep learning projects within the scientific research field. With the launch of GPULab’s unlimited monthly plans, the company is determined to resolve this issue and contribute to scientific progress by making this technology more attainable.

“As a company, we are passionate about the services we provide and are committed to helping our customers deliver exceptional results daily,” said Jeff Masud of GPULab. “One of the biggest barriers to success for many of our customers was the high cost of hourly GPU billing offered by other Deep Learning providers. We always want to be at the forefront of innovation. So we decided to break the mold of industry pricing and offer unlimited GPU processing for a daily, weekly or monthly fee. We are confident that this will not only prove to be very popular within the deep learning community but that it could also revolutionize the current pricing models that dominate the market.”

GPULab is a turnkey JupyterLab Notebook environment atop a feature-packed Ubuntu Linux operating system. GPULab provides data scientists and research teams with a dedicated Nvidia K80 GPU for a flat fee. In addition, GPULab offers a fully integrated NVIDIA GPU/CUDA API Linux environment, with pre-installed and configured data science languages and runtimes such as Python, Julia, R, and Octave, along with the latest popular data science libraries and frameworks, including PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, Scikit-Learn, and dozens more.

“Our approach to collaboration and security in data science is relatively straightforward,” Masud adds. Security is managed at GPULab’s private cloud facilities, which we own and operate in secure Data Centers located in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver, and D.C.” Modern hardware firewalls and VPN services protect GPULab’s internal networks from a possible breach. GPULab follows industry best practices in operating system security,) and provides limited and logged employee access to sensitive data services with a PCI compliant billing system.

For more information about the company, and the range of daily, weekly, and monthly subscriptions, visit their website at

About GPULab

GPULab is a turnkey JupyterLab Notebook environment atop a feature-packed Ubuntu 20.04 Linux operating system. Gulab provides data scientists and research teams with a dedicated Nvidia K80 GPU for a flat fee. In addition, GPULab offers Jupyter Notebooks (managed by JupyterLab) and the Git application atop a standard Linux filesystem for managing source code. With unlimited GPU power at their disposal, deep learning providers can harness the power of top-of-the-range GPU processing with a fixed and low cost.

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