Santa Cruz CAAgency, one of the fastest growing, most innovative and forward-thinking retail companies in the United States, is today delighted to announce the availability of the new Model P Christiania Bike.

The bike has been specially designed for business owners who wish to offer an eco-friendly delivery service. Alternatively, the bike could also be the central point for a trade convention, offering the opportunity to display products to a wide audience innovatively and dynamically. Purchasers of the bike have the option to have it fitted with either a Post Box or an Event Box.

The Postbox is a lockable box which opens fully and easily by pneumatic arms. The lid is internally fitted with two gas springs which makes it easy to lift and lower. Alternatively, there is a flap on the side which provides access to the box quickly and efficiently.

The Eventbox has two tables and a long shelf. It is designed so that all the moving parts of the box are secured when the box is closed and the bike is being ridden. It also comes with two folding tables, a display stand for brochures and a pull-out shelf.

“We are always looking for products that solve a problem, and that are innovative and forward thinking,” said Peter James, of Agency. “With many cities facing increasing congestion problems, and many companies looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, we are convinced that the Model P offers an excellent solution for business owners to deliver their goods. As the exclusive retailer of Christiania Bikes in the United States, we are very excited about the potential for this market and look forward to making these bikes a common sight in cities all across the United States.”

Agency is a locally owned and operated business located in downtown Santa Cruz. They have been in business since 2015, with a focus on selling great stuff for great prices. They carry contemporary home goods and lifestyle accessories such as tabletop items, small scale furniture, clocks linens, lighting and much more. For more information about the company and the various services that they provide, visit their website at

Company Name:Agency
Contact Person:Peter James
Phone:(831) 332-8191
Address:1368 Pacific Ave
City:Santa Cruz
Country:United States