Albuquerque NM – Revelation Explained, a team of Bible teachers out of Albuquerque, is pleased to announce the unveiling of their latest training, an online training that sets out to explain in detail what the Book of Revelation actually means.

The concept behind the Book Of Revelation Explained is not what most people would expect; in fact, it is very positive and flies in the face of what most people describe as their perception of the last book of the Bible. Rather than the complex and potentially doom and gloom perception of this book, the team behind the training believe that The Book of Revelation is actually a discipleship manual, and they even challenge and give a different interpretation to topics such as the Mark of the Beast.

They made the decision to release this training at this particular time, to give people hope and help to ease their concerns. With so much negative news, and the vast majority of the world fighting the effects of COVID-19, this course will debunk many myths, and give those who want to take the course renewed hope, faith and guidance.

“A lot of time, effort and energy has gone into the Book of Revelation Explained, and we are very proud of the content, and confident that it will be well received, by anyone who takes part in the training,” said RK Castillo, a spokesperson for Revelation Explained. We believe that the Book of Revelation is not something to be scared of and that it can actually guide people towards living a better life.”

The Book of Revelation Explained is a free online training  that helps people who are interested in this topic, to get a full and unique understanding of the book. For more information about the free videos, and how to understand Revelation better, visit their website at

Company Name:Revelation Explained
Contact Person:RK Castillo
Address:5454 Venice Ave NE