— Dr. Stuart Curry, a dentist in Birmingham, has launched a campaign to educate and inform his patients about the benefits of changing metal fillings with white ones. Dr. Curry wants to highlight the benefits of replacing old metal fillings with new white ones so that people can be aware of this option for their teeth- not just the color but also the comfort level they will receive from new technology over old tradition. Along with educating his patients on these options, Dr. Curry is offering free consultations so that his patients can learn more about the options they have for new, whiter teeth or repairing existing restorations to improve their health and appearance whether they choose to have them replaced or restored.

“We put a healthy smile, attractive features, and patient comfort at the forefront of our practice,” said Dr. Curry. He is proud to be a dentist in Birmingham that cares about the aesthetics of his patient’s smiles, their health, and comfort. Dr. Curry wants to help his patients discover what they are doing to their teeth without even realizing it so that they can have a healthy smile with whiter teeth. Some of the services that Dr. Curry provides to his patients include:

• Cosmetic Dentistry: As a Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Curry strives to enhance the aesthetics of his patients’ smiles with services such as porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and dentures.

• Preventive Dentistry: Dental patients require a new patient exam and cleaning tips to avoid serious dental problems while also catching minor issues before they become major.

• Restorative Dentistry: Dr. Curry restores teeth with crowns, bridges, and porcelain fillings to repair issues brought on by decay or previous procedures.

Many people are unaware of the dangers associated with metal fillings. Metal fillings have been used in dentistry for many years, and they’re still widely used today despite their known health risks.

Metal fillings contain mercury, a toxic element that can cause serious damage to the body if it is not removed properly. This means that even if there are no symptoms, metal fillings could still be polluting the body and causing long-term damage. This is the reason why Dr. Curry is urging his Birmingham patients to schedule an appointment for a dental exam so that he can educate them about the benefits of changing their metal fillings with white ones. He is one of many dentists in Birmingham who are advocating for their patients to opt for fillings that are made with porcelain because it offers several benefits over metal fillings. For more information, contact Dr. Stuart Curry today at (205) 972-3831 or visit his website at https://currydentistry.com/.

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