Bentonville Arkansas– NWA Hogs Painting, one of the leading painters in Northwest Arkansas, is urging local residents to ensure that they only use Alkyd Oil Modified Paint when repurposing any kitchen cabinets. The company has recently received a lot of work from local residents who have used wall paint on their cabinets with disastrous results.

The reason why there has been a dramatic increase in this problem is purely down to a lack of supply within the marketplace. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a shortage of Alkyd modified paint across the country. Some rogue companies and enthusiastic DIYers have tried to resolve this issue by using wall paint as an alternative with disastrous effects. In order to try and rectify the problem, potential customers have been contacting NWA Hogs Painting to see if they can find a solution without having to replace their cabinets at significant expense.

“There is a reason why Alkyd Oil Modified paint is used for cabinets, and unfortunately, many people have discovered to their cost what happens when the wrong type of paint is used,” said Vadim, the owner and founder of NWA Hogs Painting LLC. “However tempting it might be to get the job completed, using a wall paint on cabinets is only going to cause problems further down the line, as many of the people contacting us have discovered. We urge all of our customers to either wait for the correct materials to become available or use a reputable company such as ourselves to do the job properly and professionally.”

Vadim and the NWA Hogs Painting LLC team are pleased to enjoy working in the communities in which they live, serving their neighbors in Northwest Arkansas. Their neighbors and clients voted them the Best Home Painting Service in Northwest Arkansas for 2019 in CitiScapes Magazine. NWA Hogs Painting LLC has gained a reputation for experienced, professional, detail-oriented, and friendly service. They are not satisfied until the client is more than satisfied with their services. For more information about the company and the services they provide, visit their website at


Company Name:NWA Hogs Painting LLC
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