— BBB Septic Solution, a local septic company in Bentonville, recently offered a presentation on septic system designs to local real estate investors. The presentation was given in order to help investors understand the benefits of having a properly designed and installed septic system for their properties. BBB Septic Solution is dedicated to helping property owners get the most out of their septic systems, and this presentation was just one way they are doing that. Investors who attended found the information helpful and learned about things like how onsite wastewater systems work, proper system maintenance, and what to look for when choosing a septic system installer. “We’re always looking for ways to educate our customers and help them make the best decisions for their properties,” said Jon Jouvenaux of BBB Septic Solution. “This presentation was a great opportunity to do that, and we’re already planning on doing more in the future.” Thanks to BBB Septic Solution, Bentonville’s real estate investors are now better informed about septic system designs and how to get the most out of their investment.

The presentation was given by a local septic system installation company owner, Jon Jouvenaux, who discussed the importance of septic system design and how to properly maintain it to ensure they continue operating efficiently. A licensed septic system designer and installer are essential to determine the type and size of an onsite wastewater system that is best suited for the property. Additionally, a field designer will also be able to offer suggestions on how the system can be installed to provide the most benefit. This event was beneficial for both real estate investors and BBB Septic Solution as it allowed the company to share its expertise with others while also gaining new insight from investors.

BBB Septic Solution is a family-owned and operated septic company that has been servicing the Northwest Arkansas area since 1987. Their reputation has grown because of their dedication to both integrity and solid workmanship. They are now a top trusted septic service provider in Northwest Arkansas and amongst their manufacturer suppliers. They have the highest level of credibility and are known for their outstanding customer service with the Arkansas Department of Health, the Bella Vista POA, and ACC and Wastewater Departments throughout the region. Each of their licensed and fully-trained technicians is hand-picked by their management team to provide complete septic tank services to their customers.

For more information about BBB Septic Solution and its services, please visit its website at bbbseptic.com.

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