Phoenix ArkansasGCS Glass & Mirror, a custom glass and mirror company located in Phoenix, Arizona, is proud to announce that they have recently received yet another glowing testimonial from a delighted customer. The company regularly receives positive testimonials due to their attention to detail and total commitment to customer service, but they never take testimonials for granted and always ensure that their staff are congratulated for a job well done. 


The testimonial was left by a customer named Dayna Schaaf. Dayna said, “Had a great experience with GCS. From the text estimate (you can send them a text message with your basic measurements, and they will give you an estimated cost) to the measure and install, these guys were professional, courteous, and clean. We had an issue with the wrong glass being made for one of our panels, and although it set us back a few days, they handled it perfectly – called us to let us know, rushed the re-order, and thanked us for being patient. Mistakes and issues happen, it’s all how you handle them, and GCS handled it like real pro’s. Would use them again in a heartbeat.” 


“Every member of staff at GCS Glass & Mirror is committed to ensuring that our customers receive the best custom glass and mirrors in Denver,” said Brandon Nicastro of GCS Glass and Mirror. “Receiving such positive testimonials as this one is something that makes us really proud and motivates the entire team to keep working hard to earn even more testimonials. I am particularly proud of the way we owned and rectified this problem, turning a potentially bad situation into a positive experience for our customer. We will also learn from this situation to ensure that procedures are put in place to prevent it from happening again in the future.” 


GCS Glass and Mirror is a locally owned and operated company based in Phoenix, Arizona. They are a leading provider of custom glass and mirrors in Phoenix and have established an excellent reputation for their quality products within the state of Arizona. The company was founded in 2013 by Brandon Nicastro GCS and has had a tremendous amount of success. This is due to their “Can Do It” attitude along with their Innovative approach to every aspect of the business. GCS is an Elite supplier/installer of any glass products. For more information about the company and the services they provide, visit their website at

Company Name: GSC Glass & Mirror
Contact Person:Brandon Nicastro
Phone: (602) 828-8276
Address:20634 N. 28TH STREET STE 150
City: Phoenix
Country:United States