Norcross, Ga. – The Norcross car accident lawyers of Adamson & Cleveland, LLC, a locally owned and operated law firm, recently highlighted an essential but often overlooked issue for anyone involved in a vehicle accident. 

Although every state has time limits for filing personal injury claims, or statues of limitations, many drivers are unaware of these time limits. In Georgia, for instance, the time limit is two years from the date of the accident, but this period could be even shorter in cases where the person may be pursuing a claim against a city or county government. 

Motorcycle injuries and semi-truck accident injuries, for instance, can be life-changing. Many families can become so involved with providing the care and attention for their loved one that two years may pass before they realize it. It is precisely those situations which the team at Adamson & Cleveland, LLC, would like to prevent. 

“Although not an everyday occurrence, there have been situations where people have approached a car accident lawyer three or even four years after an accident,” said Kevin Adamson of Adamson & Cleveland, LLC. 

“Unfortunately, there is then nothing that can be done because the time limit for filing has long since passed,” he said. “For anyone who has received serious injuries, missing the opportunity to file a personal injury claim can be catastrophic. That is why we are trying to educate as many people as possible about the urgency of the situation.” 

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